Update from Andrew Neiderman: 6/22/2015


The movie has not been completely edited yet, but I'll give you my answers.
1. Favorite scene is probably the confrontation during which the truth is revealed.

What scene are you most looking forward to seeing in the movie(MSA)? I'm looking forward to that scene.
Jane Marie Krabbeler
Any new Info on the Ruby series
We are in the midst of choosing the television writer to create the pitch to networks.

Can we possibly get a sneak peak of My Sweet Audrina? No, but there will be trailers.

Is there going to be another book for Secret Brother? No, but they're maybe something in the form of an ebook in the future.

Wendolyn Munoz Guerrero
What are your expectations for the film(MSA)? We think it will do as well as Flowers in the Attic.
Cassie Renee
What aspects of the book do you find vital in making the film (MSA)? Capturing the innocence of Audrina and the evil of Vera.
Destiny Joann Sandt
What is it, in your opinion, about the book that made it so highly requested to be made into a movie(MSA)? Most V.C. readers enjoyed the tone, the ambiance of the setting and the intricate emotional conflicts. 
Maria Del Carmen Mateos Coello
Will there be unknown actors in the film(MSA)? Not unknown, no.
Mel Thram
Will there be any new books for My Sweet Audrina in our future Maybe something with/about Sylvia(MSA)? No. We have too many new stories going: Bittersweet Dreams, Sage's Eyes, The Mirror Sisters, Broken Glass and Shattered Memories...all exciting new characters.
They'll be lots of news soon.
Best to you all,
Andrew Neiderman





Interview with Andrew Neiderman

March 20th 2015


Jane Krabbeler Asks: As a young girl, books were my friends. I was able to let my imagination run wild through them.  I met new people, explored distant lands, and learned new things. 1. Was this true for you?  Were you an avid reader as a child?  Who was your favorite author?  What inspired you to be a writer?  It's a question I'm often asked, a good one. Yes, I was an avid reader and I had a family that encouraged it. I loved Mark Twain and then became enamored of Faulkner. I was a teacher for 23.5 years and chairman of the English dept. in an upstate New York high school, Fallsburg, so I had a great deal of background in literature. I was always driven to be a writer and again, my family was very supportive, an aunt typing up my poems when I was in grade school, for example. I think it's something you're born to do, but you must have the determination if you want to be published. I always tell groups when I speak that it's at least 40 percent determination with your 60 percent talent, and if you get discouraged and give up, then you should have.   

2. I am a fan of the novels that you wrote under your own name.  How did it feel when your first published novel, Illusion, became a success? My first novel was SISTERS(Stein and Day). It was a thrill to finally see my name on a  published work. It was immediately sold to reprint and optioned for a film, but my first big early success was PIN, which did become a feature film.  

3. Were you involved in the movie version of Devil’s Advocate?  How did it feel to see your story come to life on screen? You wrote the Libretto for the Devil’s Advocate.  How difficult was it for you to adapt your novel to a stage production?  What is in the future for Andrew Neiderman Novels? I worked with the screen writers(there were 6) to try to come up with an ending that was unlike the novel's because Warner Bros. did not want the main character to end up defeated. It was amazing to see a story you created developed into such a big movie with so many great stars. When I was a teacher, I directed the high school theater and community theater so I was familiar with what it took to write stage productions. It wasn't difficult to translate the novel into a libretto, especially for a musical because there were so man "Big" scenes in the novel to exploit.  I currently have a new novel out, The Terrorist's Holiday...it's easily gotten through Amazon, but at all the outlets. I  have the prequel to The Devil's Advocate out in June as an e-book(Gallery books, Pocket Books), Judgement Day; and I have a new Neiderman out in December, Lost in His Eyes(Severn House), a Hitchcockian romance thriller. I have a new novel to do for them and I have another novel we're just submitting to publishers, The Incident, which is about a girl who falls in love with a young man who might be closer involved with a sexual attack on her when she was a teenager.  

Jessica Ketcham asks:  

4. If you were asked to choose one of the books that you have written as your favorite, which one would you choose?  It has to be The Devil's Advocate because it's a worldwide success, a major studio movie, now in development as a stage musical in London and will be opening as a stage play in Holland this fall.  

5. Will we find out what happened to Jory and Bart? Will VCA fans find out who Kristin and Kane are?Jory and Bart are basically exhausted as characters in Seeds of Yesterday...Kristin and Kane are what we call "pail carriers" for the bigger story revealed in Secret Brother.     

Bree Houseman asks: 6. How much work was left to be done under the VCA name? Are there anymore of Virginia's notes left? Any chance of a spoiler for a future novel? As I write this we have Secret Brother in May, Bittersweet Dreams in November, Sage's Eyes in 

Feb(2016) The Mirror Sisters (fall, 2016) and Broken Glass(Feb 2017) with another title later that year. The schedule may shift...but it goes on....  

7.  Have you ever doubted that you could fill the shoes of VCA, like for instance when you first started?  You, yourself are a talented writer, but with a different style.  Have you ever worried that your style is too different to keep on as ghost writer? I was confident because my agent, Anita Diamant, discovered V.C. Andrews and was selling my novels and knew what I could do. I actually auditioned some pages. I was a creative writing teacher for 23 years and understood style. I studied V.C. Andrews like a research paper and understood what made her work successful. When I began, there were just under 30 million books sold worldwide. Now there are over 106 million so I'm proud of what we've achieved and hope we have pleased most readers. Some simply want to see the same book written over and over and don't understand that Virginia would have grown with the times and been intrigued with the possibilities of new subjects, places and characters for sure.    

Nikole Church asks: 8. Can you give us a hint about what Gypsy eyes is going to be about? We've changed the name to Sage's Eyes...it's a real V.C. Andrews young girl who learns that her heritage and her past are very unusual. It creates problems, but the challenges she faces make her story interesting.  

9. Will we ever see the five book format come back?  If not, why?  Many fans loved them. I've been able to push to three, as we have with The Diary Series, but retailer books stores are resisting and the fall off of sales with four and then five are dramatic. But one never says never in this publishing world. From our Group: 10. Destiny Sandt asks: If you could pick another series to write additional books for, which series would it be? Very good question. Most are pushing for Ruby, many for Delia these days. Daughter of Darkness and Light did very big numbers here and throughout the UK, but that's special genre. I think the fans will really hook onto The Mirror Sisters.  

11. Kristina Kleinschmidt asks:  Did you ever meet V.C. Andrews personally? Does it ever bother you to be constantly in her shadow?  NO, but I've been very involved with her family; we're almost family now. I did meet her mother. I've never been bothered about that because I write under my name and I have a major studio film based on my Neiderman novel, plus five others...truth is, many authors who are bigger than I am are jealous of my having a studio movie...it's still great fun and I love the work.  

12. Becky Andrews asks: What drew you into wanting to take over as a ghost writer? I had the same agent and editor at the time and I was writing novels with young characters, such as PIN, SOMEONE'S WATCHING, CHILD'S PLAY, TEACHER'S PET, PERFECT LITTLE ANGELS, ETC. SO IT LOOKED LIKE A NATURAL TRANSITION FOR ME AND OTHERS URGED ME TO TAKE IT ON.   

13. Jennifer Pruitt asks: Would you consider expanding upon the world of My Sweet Audrina? A prequel and/or sequel? How about expanding the "Diaries" concept to other series, like Gisselle or Vera (their side of the story)? The one rule would be that it is a secondary character. We are going to see something soon about My Sweet Audrina...let's wait for that. There are some secrets I can't reveal yet.   

14. Holly McCaig: Would you ever consider doing a bibliography of V c Andrews work with a publishing history of books films etc.? This is under consideration. The problem now is her two brothers have passed away and the source of information is not as clear cut as it was. We'll see. 

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